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"Radhika has a melodious voice even when she’s just speaking. It’s clear and refreshing as a cool drink, but with a flammable ether. It’s the voice of someone who comforted your childhood self with a lullaby, then that of a fuse right before it blows."

-  Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle

"delivers crowd-pleasing sets to get folks moving!"

-  Andy Strong, talent booker, PianoFight, San Francisco

RESONANCE is rock 'n' roll. As comfortable with blues rock and funk as with pop and calypso, Resonance brings it all together under one voice.


Radhika grew up playing classical piano, listening to rock and pop, and singing in school choirs. Steve Lukather’s guitar riff on Michael Jackson’s Beat It was the first sound that spoke to her. From there to Beethoven’s Sonatas, to The Joshua Tree, and personal guitar gods Jimi Hendrix and Mark Knopfler...it's all just music.


RESONANCE is what happens when something moves at its natural frequency. When she’s singing, Radhika is moving at hers.

Radhika playing guitar


Photo By: Adam Batki


Artwork by etherbrian


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