RESONANCE's latest single, Evasion, is out now

Written and produced by Radhika, who also provides vocals and guitar, the single features long-time RESONANCE bassist Tahir Khanzada of London on bass, and Los Angeles' Victor Alvarez Carracedo on drums. Long-time collaborators Dave Moore of The Igloo and John Davis of Metropolis Studios return to mix and master respectively. Album artwork is by etherbrian, who designed covers for all of RESONANCE's previous singles.

Tracking took place in Los Angeles and London. Mixing in Sweden. And mastering in London. When it is safe to do so again, RESONANCE will tour with the new single. In the meantime, look out for news on livestreams on RESONANCE's Instagram page.

The music video was produced and edited by Radhika. Click above to watch it now, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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